NCSC Cyber Range

A controlled, closed, interactive environment where cybersecurity professionals can enhance their professional skills to detect and prevent cyber-attacks without harming the infrastructure they manage.

Don't miss the opportunity to gain experience and improve your cybersecurity knowledge. Contact us to find out more about how you can take part in our on-demand training programme.

Efektyvus būdas lavinti

An effective way to develop skills against emerging threats

Gain experience and learn how to deal with the latest threats. We provide you with the opportunity to effectively develop your skills and improve your strategies so that your organization is ready for any challenge.

User-friendly and powerful platform

Gain experience, understand the gravity of the risks of cyber-attacks and learn about security measures in a powerful and user-friendly platform.

Efektyvus būdas lavinti
  • Hands-on cybersecurity exercise

    Solve everyday cybersecurity issues: identify and protect your organization against viruses, unauthorised access via FTP and SSH protocols, perform security checks.

  • Simulation of real threats

    Face realistic threats to your organization. Overcome the challenges of poorly secured organization networks, malware, poorly protected passwords or simple social engineering.

  • Typical infrastructure of an organization

    Explore a variety of organizational configurations and understand how the initial configuration can be exploited for attacks.

  • Advanced attack vectors

    Analyse and eliminate complex and persistent attacks tailored to specific organizations.

  • Dynamic environment with automated attack vectors

    Learn how to make decisions in a live environment with different cybersecurity challenges.

  • Available through browser

    Use the platform without installing additional software.

Efektyvus būdas lavinti

Wide range of separate scenarios

Test your skills or those of your team and gain experience in a specific area of cyber security.

Windows Backdoor

Gain Windows security knowledge, fix anomalies, remove malicious backdoors and apply Windows hardening tools. Use Wireshark, RegShot and other tools.

Windows Active Directory

Gain knowledge of enumeration, SPN scanning, Kerberoast, Golden Ticket, Silver Ticket attacks, access configuration, etc. Protect your Windows Active Directoryservice by implementing security measures.

Linux FTP ir SSH

Learn about the security of file transfer and remote access protocols on Linux systems. Gain skills to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that are often exploited by malicious actors, and improve the security of FTP and SSH services against potential attacks.

Linux Web Application

Explore the most common website vulnerabilities based on the OWASP top 10 list. Gain skills to identify and remediate vulnerabilities and develop the ability to protect network applications from potential attacks.

Microsoft Exchange

Learn about Microsoft Exchange attacks such as phishing, brute force, password guessing, injection, Office Macro, MAPI using the HTTP and Mimikatz tools. Learn how to identify and eliminate threats by applying security measures, and gain experience in protecting Microsoft Exchange from potential threats.

Tool-based scenarios

Work in a safe, reproducible environment, learn how to configure tools and work processes. Try to identify popular infrastructure attacks by analysing SIEM system. Gain knowledge on attack techniques, configuration validation.


Strengthen your knowledge of how to fight advanced attacks and the threats they pose. Learn from scenario-based examples such as the Chinese APT41 attacks. Gain knowledge about using domain administrator login credentials to gain privileged access and about receiving hashes from DCs using Service Account.

Capture the Flag competition

The annual Capture The Flag (CTF) scenario allows experts to compete in finding flags in vulnerable systems, and gain experience.

Join and compete against others and gain valuable experience by completing tasks in different categories.








Real-time team exercise (Blue vs Red)

Organise a real-time team exercise in which the blue team defends itself against attacks from the red team. Provide the participants with the experience in how to protect their infrastructure from potential attacks while ensuring the availability of services to external customers and company employees.

Realaus laiko komandinės pratybos

Red Team

Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organisation's defences and conduct real cyber attacks.

Blue Team

Protect your organisation's infrastructure from Red Team attacks and keep your organisation's systems and data secure.

White Team

Oversee and run exercises, provide guidance and information. Evaluate the performance of the Red and Blue teams.


Monitor exercises and provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve your organisation's security posture.

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It's easy to join our on-demand exercises

Send an email to our team with your wish to participate in the training. Our team will provide you with all the information you need and access to our infrastructure.

Please note that access to our infrastructure is free of charge and priority is given to managers and administrators of the National Defence System, Lithuanian Critical Information Infrastructure and State Information Resources, as well as foreign partners. However, we invite anyone interested in improving their cybersecurity skills to apply for our exercise programme.