Tools and capacity building for better cyberspace monitoring, analysis and threat detection for Lithuania and EU

The action aims at increasing the preparedness of the Lithuania’s National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-LT) by developing a platform for national public internet network topology visualization, analysis, operational monitoring and threat detection. The platform will be open free of charge for all national CERTs of the EU. The platform will contribute to limiting the economic and political damages of cyber-attacks at European and national levels and will also increase the operational capacity of Lithuania’s national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-LT).

Moreover, CERT-LT will be equipped with better and more performing tools for analysis, identification, and detection of threats. The action will provide new cooperation tools and mechanisms to increase the operational capacities of CERT-LT, enabling it to run a wider range of highly effective cyber security services at national level and to increase its preparedness to fully participate in the cooperation mechanisms and core cooperation platform established through the CEF Telecom work programme 2015.

Increasing public awareness by providing and promoting online free of charge security tools for individuals and business entities is yet another part of the action. This will raise the overall safety level of society in the field of information technology, will decrease the number of victims in cyberspace and reduce the number of compromised devices.

CERT-LT will also acquire trainings for employees, in order to further increase and deepen Lithuania’s national CERT experts knowledge and skills, to expand their capacities and competence, which will allow even more competent and deep investigation of cyber security incidents, lead to improved quality of analysis of research material and lead to higher preparedness and better cyber security resilience at national level.

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