About RCDC

The Regional Cyber Defence Centre (RCDC) is a subsidiary of the National Cyber Security Centre under the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania (NCSC).

Mission of the RCDC: execute cyber threat analysis, organise training for cyber security specialists and implement scientific research in the field of cyber security, while developing cooperation with the strategic partners.

The key operational objectives of the RCDC:

  • To strengthen cooperation with the United States of America, Ukraine, Sakartvelo and other strategic partners of Lithuania in the field of cyber security;
  • to carry out cyber threat analysis jointly with the partners;
  • to organise training courses for cyber security specialists;
  • to conduct international scientific research in the area of cyber security.

While seeking such objectives, the RCDC:

  • collects and analyses the best practices of the partner states for cyber threat recognition and incident management;
  • together with the partner experts arriving on a rotational basis, analyses and assesses the obtained information about cyber security breaches and vulnerabilities, threat trends and other cyber security related recommendations, also, shares such information with the NCSC, structural units of the National Defence System (NDS), and relevant authorities of the partner states;
  • prepares cyber threat analysis information sheets, information summaries, Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and shares this information with the NCSC, structural units of the National Defence System (NDS), and relevant authorities of the partner states;
  • adheres to reinforcement of interaction between partners in the field of cyber security;
  • participates in preparing national cyber security status reports;
  • develops a training infrastructure platform (Cyber Range), takes care of its all-round usage, and creates a new content;
  • prepares cyber security training programs and organises national and international cyber security training and exercises;
  • arranges cyber security training for the NCSC and NDS employees, critical infrastructure entities and experts of the partner states;
  • initiates and fulfils international research in the field of cyber security;
  • contributes to implementation of other scientific research carried out by the NCSC.


Inga ŽukauskienėInga Žukauskienė

Inga was appointed as Director of the Regional Cyber Defence Centre at the National Cyber Security Centre on June 2023. Prior to this, she worked as a cybersecurity manager in business sector and had about 20 years of experience in international relations and cybersecurity policy with history of working at Ministry of National Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Inga holds MA Degree in Cybersecurity Management at Mykolas Riomeris University in Vilnius and MA in international relations at Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science.

Inga supports diversity, inclusion and attraction of talents in cybersecurity and she is one of the founders and former leader of the Women4Cyber Lithuania community.

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